White Wolf April ~ April Lugo PhD


Inspiring the subconscious and conscious to Higher Awareness of the intrinsic Truth of one's Self
by challenging limitations and boundaries with intuitive connections!  

 April Lugo PhD

Presentations, Connecting, Across the Veil: Intuitive Connections, Open Forum, One on One
Interactive, Entertaining, Life Changing

Who Is April Lugo PHD
Since the age of three April Lugo PhD, has communicated with spirits, and those who have proceeded us Across the Veil. At the age of nine during an angelic visit her life purpose was shown to her. April began sharing and communicating publicly. April began assisting others to gain an understand of the great mysteries of life. April was often referred to as the 'Intuitive Dear April' on her school campus. 
Aprils' life long passion has been one of sharing insight, guidance, wisdom and messages. Wither in the form of the: one on one personal experience to global Open Forums. April has been blessed with a phenomenal gift, that she shares during speaking events, conferences, presentations and expos. All with the intention to inspire and uplift.

What Does April Lugo PHD Speak About

April Lugo PhD provides a powerful presentation of communication and connections from Across the Veil. Motivating the attendees to to become their true intrinsic selves. She shows your audiences how to create a higher understanding of them selves, and their life purposes. Every presentation is a collection of messages and motivation to enhance and awakening. Its more than an open forum, it's a life changing experience that people will talk about for a long time. 

 Motivation~ Inspiration  Leadership  Healing  Communication
 April Lugo PhD shares messages, insight, guidance, and wisdom in a manner that motivates, inspires every individual present. Everyone feels a part of the experience. With the power packed entertaining messages everyone walks away buzzing with excitement!  April Lugo demonstrates with the assistance of the Across the Veil visitors how your audience can take control of their lives and live life like a true leader.
Finding answers to the hidden questions. Sharing depth of knowledge to the greatest mysteries of life. White Wolf April Lugo PhD guides the audience and attendees to a place of healing. 
April Lugo PhD communicates messages from those who proceeded us across the veil, the masters, teachers, guides, angels and animals. April delivers the messages clean, clear, crisp and with an accuracy surpassed by no others. 

The communication is accurate and validated often by those experiencing the experience.  

What Makes April Lugo PhD Different

People get bored at presentations and psychics are now a dime a dozen. People want something different and  April Lugo PhD offers just that. She owns the stage. Her presence and the presence of those who are visiting the audience, from Across the Veil, can be felt through out the presentation. This captures the audiences attention, keeps their attention and leaves them talking about the experience for a long time afterwards. Even causing many of those in attendance to seek out her personal one on one experiences. This is why she is highly sought after. 

Seattle WA- WOW Conference: Event comments, Amazing and impactful message! 

Anchorage AK - Celebrate Life Expo, Keynote Speaker: Blew those in attendance out of their seats with information and messages (Expo coordinator)

 Phoenix AZ- Private Event: Could just feel the energy flowing and the messages were delivered with grace and power. (Event Host)


Soldotna AK- Local Business Events Feature: We love her.  (Business Owner)


 Homer AK- Expo: Enhanced by her presence.  (Expo host)


 St Louis MO - Family Resource Center: Changing lives and influencing healing.


 New York City, NY - New Life Expo: AMAZING! Packed the room!


 Durango CO - Whole Expo: Packed the room. Messages flowed. People were going and getting their friends. More in attendance for April's presentation than our keynote speaker. 


 Denver CO - Celebration Metaphysical Fair: Entertaining and informative. Made a believer out of me. (Attendees)


 Fresno CA - Private Event: Messages from the heart offering healing. (Event host.)


and more....

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